WxAdvisory for your business

WxAdvisory is the world's most flexible weather advisory framework, and it can be extended to your business in all sorts of ways.

Look and Feel

WxAdvisory is designed to work on all modern mobile devices and tablets, as well as desktop computers.

This flexible approach allows us to replicate your own branding, as well as the layout and interaction details.

Business Intelligence

By including your own calculations and business logic, WxAdvisory can provide you with insights into the decisions you or your customers make.

Weather information, such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and air pressure can be converted into identifiable, actionable and easy-to-read recommendations. These recommendations can also include business-level information, such as calculations, geospatial constraints, and thresholds.

Take a look at the Allied Concrete example to see plastic and thermal cracking in action.


Your users and customers can be alerted whenever certain weather conditions are met. These weather conditions can be basic wind and rain combinations, complicated questions, or equations specific to your business.

You can receive alerts via email, Twitter, or any other communication channel you may need.

Business Solutions

There is no limit to what the WxAdvisory framework can do for your business. The most complicated business logic can be supported, and it works all the common smart phones and browsers.

Please get in touch if you want more information on how WxAdvisory can help your business

Your location

WxAdvisory can automatically detect and use your location for forecasts.

If you're using a mobile device, it will use your actual lat/lon coordinates, and if you're using a desktop browser then it will use your IP address.

If you want this default location to be different, or it's wrong, then you can set a preferred location - just type in where you want the forecast to be for.

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Your location is automatically detected

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Default temperature

WxAdvisory can automatically use the local temperature unit for the location you're interested in.

American locations will automatically default to Fahrenheit, while the rest of the world will use Celsius.

If you want to always use Fahrenheit or Celsius, regardless of the location, you can set your preference here.

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Automatically detect
Always use Fahrenheit
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