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Got questions? Got a new idea? One of the principal goals of WxAdvisory is to be the most flexible and friendly weather advisory framework available.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything you want to know - you might be surprised at what's possible.

Business Intelligence

Your business can get a customised version of WxAdvisory created, with specialist forecasting, customised alerts, and a branded look and feel, for a fixed yearly price.

WxAdvisory is designed to work on any modern device - mobile phones, tablets and desktops - and the entire look and feel can be adapted to your needs.

To find out how your business can benefit from WxAdvisory, please email


All accounts come with free access to the forecasting API. Any forecast or question can be received in a structured XML or JSON format - it's very easy!

There are limits on usage however, so if you think you'll be a heavy user, then please contact us to arrange special access.

Everything else

If you've got any questions about the forecasting, the mobile interface, comments on usability, or pretty much anything else, then please get in touch!

P.S. Please check the list of frequently asked questions!

Your location

WxAdvisory can automatically detect and use your location for forecasts.

If you're using a mobile device, it will use your actual lat/lon coordinates, and if you're using a desktop browser then it will use your IP address.

If you want this default location to be different, or it's wrong, then you can set a preferred location - just type in where you want the forecast to be for.

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Default temperature

WxAdvisory can automatically use the local temperature unit for the location you're interested in.

American locations will automatically default to Fahrenheit, while the rest of the world will use Celsius.

If you want to always use Fahrenheit or Celsius, regardless of the location, you can set your preference here.

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Automatically detect
Always use Fahrenheit
Always use Celsius